• WIBOclean® Sluice Systems
  • WIBOclean® Sluice Systems
  • WIBOclean® Sluice Systems

WIBOclean® Sluice Systems

The WIBOclean® sluice systems for people and materials are available in various models, from ventilated sluice passages and air showers with active cleaning to decontamination sluices. 

The active sluice works according to the principle of rotational dedusting. The person or material stands or is placed centrally under the high efficiency nozzle rotor and is cleaned from all sides. The optimal combination of small air nozzles with a very high pressure ratio guarantees highly effective cleaning. At the same time, the fully adjustable cleaning cycle is carried out using high performance fans with up to 450 air changes. During the subsequent recovery operation, particles are cleaned from the sluice. The active sluice can be used for dedusting and as a sluice passage between the clean room and the grey room.

The DKS decontamination sluice was developed to clean people in full protection suits and offers a safe, GMP conform solution for moving from one clean room area to another. On entry, the DKS functions as an airlock and prevents airborne particles from being carried over. On exiting, decontamination automatically starts by way of wet cleaning.


  • Integrable in existing clean room design
  • Uncomplicated expansion of your system
  • GMP conform models
  • Tailor-made solutions
  • Cleanliness class 5 as per DIN EN ISO 14644-1

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