Industrial Ovens/ Heating and Drying Ovens, VTU

Industrial Ovens/ Heating and Drying Ovens, VTU

Standard heating and drying oven for manufacturing.

The heating and drying ovens in the VTU series are our all-rounders and are suitable to be used in the production of automotive engineering, aerospace and electronics products as well as to process a broad range of materials, such as glass, ceramics, plastics, metals, textiles and composites. They can be universally deployed in areas of use in which no flammable materials are released. The VTU series achieves a very uniform distribution of temperature by way of directed air ductwork in the treatment space ensuring reproducible production results.

Short process times and recovery times due to high heating rates. An optimal insulation and decoupling of the inner housing ensure cost-effectiveness and environmental sustainability in equal measure.

Extensive options and accessories, such as exhaust air fan, loading trolley or various control systems mean that the devices can be optimally enhanced for the respective application requirements.

The VTU series is also available in gas-tight models with an inert gas connection, allowing performance of processes in inert gas atmospheres.

Optimised processes thanks to

  • Use of high-quality components
  • Application-orientated horizontal (standard) or vertical (option) air ductwork
  • Short heating up and cooling down times
  • Effective user protection as the air circulation fan and heating switch off when loading
  • Easily accessible maintenance elements for the shortest service times
  • Process-optimised configuration due to various options and modifications

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