Microbiologic Workbenches

Microbiologic Workbenches


The BDK® SB II and BDK®SBV II safety workbenches protect the health of employees when doing microbiological and genetic-based work. The class II workbenches  are designed for the protection of products and protection against contamination within the work area. They are used in pharmaceutics, medicine and in microbiology laboratories.

The BDK®SB II microbiology safety workbench is designed as per DIN EN 12469 primarily for working with class S1 and class S2 microbiological substances. The BDK®SBV II cycostatic workbench in accordance with DIN 12980 has an additional HEPA pre-filter unit integrated in the foot well of the work area that makes it possible to work with highly active substances and microbiological substances in class S3 and class S4.

Optimal protection of products and employees through:

  • Low turbulence displacement flow
  • Recirculation principle
  • HEPA filter
  • Extraction of escaping emissions

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