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Containment Solutions

Working with active ingredients requires a high level of safety. An especially high risk is attached to the introduction and the docking of containers. Weiss Pharmatechnik supplies flexible containment systems with the proven WIBObarrier® controlled airflow technology. This permits risk-free working, even with the front windows open. The WIBObarrier® decanting station was specially designed for the semi-automatic decanting and filling of pharmaceutical active ingredients and auxiliary agents up to OEB 5. It consists of a materials air lock for the introduction of the container, a decanting cabin for delivery of the products, a filling cabin with integral powder transfer system, and a docked container station with double flap system for filling the products.

Containment Solutions

The WIBObarrier® decanting cabin has two clear advantages: It permits safe working and is sufficiently flexible for efficient processing. Personnel can access the full width of the cabin. At the same time, the pharmaceutical product is protected from contamination and purity is assured. Thanks to the innovative WIBObarrier® controlled airflow system, a high level of product protection is achieved. With the front window closed, the clean air is at least ISO 5 according to EN ISO 14644. Even with the front window open, the stable barrier curtain guarantees a safety level of OEB 4.

Rainer Hundeiker

Product Manager Containment / Areas Sales Manager

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