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This was a mammoth project which WEISS TECHNIK undertook together with the Swiss hospital builder MedPlan Engineering. A completely new surgical department with an area of more than 1,500 square metres and five operating theatres, each with an area of 50 square metres had to be constructed. “The new surgical department was to be designed for maximum efficiency,” explains Michael Hemmerle, Project Manager for MedPlan. “That meant that all areas had to be multifunctional, and performance of the same operations had to be possible in all of the theatres.”

Cool it.

The common induction area with three workplaces is used as required and does not stand empty simply because there is no operation planned in a particular theatre. All operating theatres are equipped with the same peripheral equipment such as theatre canopies, surgical lights and supply stands. The central location of the operating theatres guarantees that access for theatre staff is separated from that for patients and therefore ensures faster, work without overlaps. The anaesthetist has to cover a short distance from the induction area to the operating theatres. A small camera, which continually shows the status of surgery to the head of department, is installed in each operating theatre. The next patient can therefore be brought to the surgery department in good time, which reduces unpleasant waiting times for patients.

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