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Containment Solutions

When the pharmaceutical manufacturer Bayer established new areas for weighing portions of material and loading at its Weimar factory, it commissioned Weiss Pharmatechnik. Work steps are required for the manufacture of pharmaceutical products in which intermediate products must be transferred into containers and then transported. The specific task was to make it technically possible for pharmaceutical materials (API) up to hazardous material class OEL 4 to be weighed out in an isolated area and then transferred to the batch container. For this purpose, it is vital that the systems for the weighing process function in a cost-effective, ergonomic manner under GMP conditions. Weiss Pharmatechnik developed containment devices for it, individually tailored to the process and premises.

Containment Solutions

Weiss Pharmatechnik supplied material ante-chambers for inward transfer of the material supply containers into the weighing chambers and two material ante-chambers with a film tunnel for outward transfer of the empty and opened containers without contamination. Both weighing chambers have been fitted with two WIBObarrier® OCS weighing workstations. The materials are weighed here and transferred into stainless steel containers. Employees then transport the containers for loading. The loading station from Weiss Pharmatechnik consists of one WIBObarrier® transfer cabin with a work platform, a docking station for the container with vacuum lifting device for the container lid and a lifting device. The WIBObarrier® air flow control system provides a high level of protection for products and persons in accordance with DIN EN ISO 14644-1 when carrying out weighing and emptying work.

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