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Containment Solutions

In collaboration with the system manufacturer and Excellence United Partner Glatt, Weiss Pharmatechnik has developed an innovative item of equipment which combines the benefits of the WIBObarrier® system with the reliable Lab Containment Technology produced by Glatt. The unique system offers a cost-optimized containment solution for processes with different OEB levels in the laboratory sector. The intelligent WIBObarrier® Lab Containment technology makes it possible to implement several laboratory processes in succession with only one WIBObarrier® system, such as weighing, granulation, filtering, drying, mixing, tabletting and coating. Each laboratory process unit or combination of two process units can be found on one mobile workbench, which can be moved into the clean room area of the barrier with ease. The clean room area is significantly reduced as a result of this and is only present where it is actually needed.

Containment Solutions

WIBObarrier® systems from Weiss Pharmatechnik can be expanded to a variable degree according to OEB level and intended use and offer various options for combination and configuration. In order to further increase process efficiency, two WIBObarrier® systems can, for example, be used at the same time. The result is full process flexibility with minimal operating and investment costs.

Rainer Hundeiker

Product Manager Containment / Areas Sales Manager

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