S!MPATI trainings

S!MPATI for beginners

Service customer training S MPATI for beginners, optional at a special price of 397 Euros + VAT.

The typical daily program of a training course in our proprietary regulation and control software S!MPATI includes, amongst others, the following topics:

  • Product overview
  • Networking systems
  • Installation and configuration
  • Standard functions and options
  • User management and audit trail
  • Program development and program pool
  • Messages, reports and email alerts
  • Evaluation and data export

The number of participants per training course is limited. If necessary, short-term alternative dates can be arranged. Take advantage of first-hand information!


  • Location Lindenstruth: Thu 15 March 2018 - ** already booked **
    (replacement schedule: Mo., 12.03.2018 - please call Lisa Stolte, contact see below)

  • Location Balingen: Thu 22 March 2018 - ** already booked **
    (replacement schedule: Mo., 19.03.2018 - please call Elke Vonthron, contact see below)

  • Location Lindenstruth: Thu 13 September 2018
  • Location Balingen: Thu 27 September 2018

Please contact for Location Lindenstruth:

Lisa Stolte
Fon: +49 6408 84  6822
E-Mail: lisa.stolte@weiss-technik.com  

and for Location Balingen: 

Elke Vonthron
Fon: +49 7433 303 4211
E-Mail: elke.vonthron@weiss-technik.com

No suitable date? Get in touch with us.