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We are the world market leader for environmental simulation systems

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EU F-gas regulation 2024

Weiss Technik introduces new CO₂ refrigeration systems with GWP 1. The new European regulation on F-gases is in force since March 11, 2024. Environmental simulation systems are affected by new refrigerant bans,...

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The new TempEvent and ClimeEvent

Switch to the new generations of TempEvent and ClimeEvent! Innovative and designed to meet the needs of our customers. In sizes up to 2000 liters and temperature change rates of 3K/min and 5K/min.

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Plug&Test Lab for electrical energy storage systems

Discover the innovative test system for vehicle batteries!

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Battery Testing & Production: Discover our test rigs

Heat, cold, humidity, wind and dust: in the world's largest battery test center, energy storage devices undergo a wide variety of environmental simulations.

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Extreme conditions for batteries

Abuse test chamber in development

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Test technology as a central enabler of E-mobility and autonomous driving

Testing & Knowledge instead of Trial & Error

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weisstechnik units available from stock

As a company operating globally, weisstechnik® has an extensive pool of devices on stock and for rent.

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Countless materials, components and parts are exposed to climatic and mechanical influences day after day. Cold, heat, UV radiation or stressful continuous operation, the use of special environmental simulation systems makes it possible to test the suitability of the devices or products for use under the most adverse conditions.

By a prompt environmental simulation test you benefit from lower manufacturing costs as well as other advantages. At Weiss Technik, we offer our customers systems in all sizes and dimensions. From typical series production to customized and process-integrated systems for high reproducibility and accurate test results. We offer a wide range and therefore enable you to realize your projects.