Highlights from Weiss Technik

Battery Abuse Testing

From high temperatures to explosion.

Hydrogen Applications

Hydrogen produced in a climate-neutral way is a central key to the energy turnaround. It can substitute fossil fuels and help to sustainably reduce CO2 emissions.

Battery technology

Whether consumer electronics, robots or e-cars: the technology of the future is electric. Powerful and durable batteries often serve as the drive.


WT69 / R469A – the future-proof substitute for R23

The EU F-Gas Regulation makes innovation for environmental simulation more in demand than ever. We recognized the signs of the times at an early stage...

EU F-Gas Regulation

Our customers benefit from the future-proof, eco-friendly refrigerants which we are using as the first manufacturer on the market in all devices. Therefore our new products do not only comply with the current regulations...


Modern vehicles require an increasing number of electronic components. These are highly sensitive and can be quickly and invisibly damaged by electrostatic discharge, or ESD.

The New Damper Shock ShockEvent D

The new ShockEvent D with its static test chamber is ideally suited for vibration-sensitive measuring technology and sensor technology as well as for active test material that is to be temperature-shocked without further influences.


Explosion protection for environmental simulation chambers

Explosive mixtures can come about intentionally or unintentionally during testing. Combustible, flammable and explosive substances (e.g. liquid, gas) can be emitted into the chamber from test specimens.

Medical cannabis

GMP-compliant air-conditioning technology for cannabis cultivation. Complete. Efficient. Certified.



Smart. Proven. Compatible. Strong performance, well engineered.


DAkkS calibrations

Metrological traceability of climatic chambers, testing and measuring equipment

LV 124

Electrical and electronic components in
motor vehicles up to 3.5t