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Weiss Technik GmbH, Hamburg site

The Weiss Technik site in Hamburg was established in 2015 as part of the merger between Weiss Technik and the automotive testing specialist Imtech. With many years of experience and a clear industrial focus, our employees ensure the successful development, production and installation of our systems as well as after-sales service.

Weiss Technik ATS - Hamburg site

Customised automotive testing solutions from the initial idea to reliable testing.
We develop and produce customised testing equipment that are specially tailored to meet our customers’ requirements.
Extreme conditions are our bread and butter and the products are equipped accordingly.
Our name is synonymous with the highest quality.
All products are developed according to the latest regulations and norms. Progressive project management for all our products.

Complete solutions for vehicle testing

From motorbikes to HGVs, from combustion motors to next e-vehicles, including FCEVs, BEVs, natural gas vehicles, etc.
Dynamometer test chamber with climate control for emission and performance testing.
Soak chambers for the preparation of vehicles. Drive In Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED) chambers for measuring the hydrocarbon emissions of whole vehicles.

Solutions for component testing

Sealed chambers for evaporative determination (SHED) for measuring hydrocarbon emissions of components (tank systems, fuel leads, etc.) in all sizes (micro/mini).
Thermal management testing solutions (for R&D purposes, e.g. performance and durability tests) Test benches for vehicle air-conditioning (HVAC units, AC compressors, capacitors, evaporators, etc.)
Test benches for motor cooling systems (radiators, batteries, etc.)
Combustion air-conditioning systems for R&D purposes, including simulation of temperature, humidity and pressure/altitude (combustion motors).

Industrial applications
ClimeEvent M: industrial test chambers.

Dry room system
Many years of experience with isolation chambers
Many years of experience with dehumidifying systems
Integration of both areas into dry room systems for battery production.
Achievement of ultra-low dew points for high-quality conditions for the production and R&D of batteries.
Dehumidifying systems
Air with low dew points can be provided for every type of industrial application.
Air handling units can be used as stand-alone devices.
Integration possible into existing systems for industrial applications.

Site product information:

Dry rooms
Dynamometer chambers
Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED) chambers
Combustion air-conditioning
Test benches for vehicle air-conditioning
Air dehumidifying systems

Eike Higgen

Standortleiter Hamburg / SBA-Leiter Automotive Testing Solutions

Eike Higgen wurde in Aurich, Ostfriesland, geboren. Nach der Schule besuchte er die Technische Universität Hamburg-Harburg und schloss dort sein Studium als Diplom-Ingenieur der Energie- und Umwelttechnik ab.

Herr Higgen wechselte nach dem Studium zur Imtech Schiffbau-/Dockbautechnik und begann dort seine berufliche Laufbahn, indem er den Bereich der Dynamischen Simulation im Bereich HVAC für Schiffe verantwortete.

Noch bevor aus der Imtech Schiffbau-/Dockbautechnik die AERIUS Marine hervorging, folgte schließlich der Wechsel in die Abteilung für Kreuzfahrtschiffe, wo Herr Higgen bis zu seinem Wechsel zur Weiss Umwelttechnik in 2019 erfolgreich und über mehrere Jahre HVAC Turn-Key Großprojekte im Kreuzfahrtschiffneubau bei europäischen Großwerften leitete. Seit 2019 ist er Leiter des Weiss Technik Standorts in Hamburg.

Drive In Climate Test Chamber with Dynamometer for Vehicles

Weiss Technik’s large vehicle drive in climate test chamber with dynamometer for vehicles with roller allows you to test entire vehicles in various climate and weather conditions to test for the driving,...

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Sealed Housing for Evaporative Emissions (SHED) - Evaporative Emissions Test Chambers for the Automotive Industry

Sealed Housing for Evaporative Determination (SHED) test chambers are used for evaporative emissions testing on vehicles, engines and car components to enable production in compliance with global emissions...

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Industrial Air Dehumidifiers

Be it in the automotive, food or pharmaceutical industries, air dehumidifying systems on the basis of absorption rotors or desiccant drying wheels ensure perfect climatic ambient conditions. Weiss Technik...

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Test Rigs for Vehicle Air Conditioning

In order to optimally reproduce the vehicle architecture, we offer integrated or modular conditioning units on the basis of conventional or alternative refrigerants. They are suitable to conduct system...

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Combustion Air Conditioning Systems

Our mobile and compact combustion air conditioning systems serve the research and development of internal combustion engines. They allow specifying intake air according to standard conditions and achieving...

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ClimeEvent M

Climate tests are not always complex and demanding. Sometimes it's enough to keep temperature and humidity constant over a longer period. For example for storing material if no special air guidance is...

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