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Weiss Pharmatechnik, Oldenburg site

Equipment and safety work stations for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries.

Our Oldenburg facility specialises in solutions for the challenging production and operating requirements of the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. The range of services includes the design, manufacture, and installation of GMP/FDA-compliant equipment and safety work stations for capturing and extracting contaminants for product protection, personal protection, and room protection. The site also provides an after-sales service.

Special systems for personal and product protection
In Oldenburg, we develop and manufacture safety work stations and ventilation systems for cleanroom zones. They protect products from contamination and employees from emissions such as dust and gases, which are released during the production process. Our product range includes weighing cabinets and sampling cabinets, laminar flow units, containment systems, and cleanroom equipment and systems. We also produce safety workstations and chemical decanting workstations, laboratory work stations and sluices, RABS systems and isolators, and special equipment and stability testing systems in compliance with GMP/FDA guidelines.

Innovative technologies for maximum safety
The core focus of the Oldenburg centre of excellence is on solutions for the pharmaceutical and chemical industries. These solutions also have applications in the cosmetics and food industries, and for manufacturing companies in the precision engineering, optical, and electronics industries.

More than 30 years of experience in clean room technology
Weiss Pharmatechnik was formed through the merger of GWE (Gesellschaft für Wasseraufbereitung und Energierückgewinnung, specialists in water treatment and energy recovery) and BDK Luft- und Reinraumtechnik [specialists in ventilation and cleanroom technology] under the umbrella of Weiss Klimatechnik. Today, a number of highly-qualified specialists work at the Oldenburg site, which houses spacious development and manufacturing areas.