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Dual Study Program Technical Sales (M.Eng.)

Are you interested in technology and a talented communicator? Then a degree in technical sales may be a great fit for you.

Sales engineers are responsible for marketing industrial goods. They represent an important link between industrial clients and their own employer. In order to market products that are frequently complex, it is necessary to combine technical expertise and communication skills.

This master’s program provides the knowledge and skills to help you master the complex responsibilities of sales, understand your customers’ application-specific problems, analyze the direct sales process, and develop and implement corresponding sales processes.

To achieve all of this, not only is it crucial to have knowledge of engineering and business administration and skills in legal matters, foreign languages, and psychology – you also need to be willing to engage with other cultures.


  • M.Eng. (Master of Engineering)

Length of Program:

  • 4 semesters


  • TH Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences

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