College students – Gain experience and make contacts

Do you want to utilize your specialist knowledge in practice or earn some extra money?

Internship – Professional experience through exciting projects

Whether it's a basic internship or an internship semester – If you'd rather make things happen than just look over someone else's shoulder, an internship at Weiss Technik can offer you exciting challenges.

Our offerings are as diverse as our company. The majority of internships are in the technical field, but we are always on the lookout for support in controlling, purchasing, sales and human resources.


To enable us to actively include you in projects, you should plan on sharing some of your time. Internships with Weiss Technik generally last from four to six months. Naturally, you're not just left on your own during this time. Your personal mentor will be by your side to assist and advise you.

Weiss Technik is a "Fair Company"

Already for years, the Schunk Group has been awarded "Fair Company" by the biggest iniative by employers in Germany. For receiving this award, we guarantee to act according to the Fair Company rules and treat interns fairly. These rules include for instance clearly defined tasks and good mentoring. This is beeing permanently controlled through interviews with interns.