Nationality: Iranian
Studies: Production and Operations Management at the Tarbiat Modares University in Tehran, Iran

I came across Schunk when I researched globally successful industries in the region where I live. I liked the job description of the Global Graduate Program and applied on LinkedIn. I expected this program to provide me with considerably valuable experience within a relatively short period of time, and give a kick-start to the rest of my career.

After talking to the senior executives of the company during the interview day, I was sure that this was the right path for me. I joined the company soon after completing my doctoral thesis and so far the program has exceeded my expectations. I have had the opportunity to work on operational and strategic projects, addressing the value chain of a company and in some cases, several companies within the Schunk Group. I have lead project teams and coordinated external partners to bring different perspectives into projects and produce impactful solutions.

During the past year, I have worked at Xycarb in the Netherlands, at Schunk Central IT department in Germany, at Schunk Carbon Technology in China and at Xycarb in the United States. During all assignments, I have worked on real-world projects with tangible benefits for the company – this is what I have enjoyed most about the program.

Working in different companies across the globe has helped me to learn about their respective challenges, while experiencing the distinct cultures and the vast networking opportunities which will be an asset for my future success. I particularly like the fact that the projects are flexible and tailored to fit my development requirements as well as the company’s demands.

The practical approach to learning helped me develop both the hard and soft skills I will need to grow.  I appreciate all the support I have received on this journey. In every project, I worked closely with my Line Manager and the Managing Director of each company, which is a very good mentorship and a remarkable source of inspiration. At the completion of each project, we have an evaluation meeting where we practice our executive communication skills and receive constructive feedback and personalized advice for developing our skills further.

Parallel to each assignment, all the trainees meet at one of the Schunk Group locations for several days, where we receive training on valuable technical and transferable skills that we can all use in our future careers. The highlight of this event is the “Meet-the-Boss” session, where we get the opportunity to meet some of the senior executives of the Schunk Group in a less formal conversation and ask them about their perspectives concerning different topics.

The Schunk Global Graduate Program is designed to give us the necessary tools to be successful in our careers and I am proud to be part of it.