Studies: Industrial Engineering at TU Dresden

I became aware of the Global Graduate Program through a job ad. What caught my attention is that you gain deep insight into the group by working in various areas at different locations. Over time, this gives you the opportunity to build up a large network; this is very valuable for your career down the road. The recruitment day is what really convinced me. The Schunk Group’s top management was very involved in the interviews, and I saw that the program’s success is important to them.

I started in technical project management at Weiss Umwelttechnik in Reiskirchen-Lindenstruth, Germany. While there, I reworked a process description and programmed a project management tool. I was with Weiss Technik again for my second assignment – but this time at our location near Bordeaux, France. I worked on optimizing the factory layout while I was there. Currently, I’m working on improving production planning at Schunk Carbon Technology in Ansan, South Korea (near Seoul).

This station is a special challenge for me, as finding common understanding in Korea isn’t always easy and there are many noticeable cultural differences compared to Germany. I have learned a lot about Korean culture and have adapted my work approach to the new situation. The regular training sessions with all of the trainees are also helpful, as we have learned something about intercultural communication, and much more.

In short, I am particularly inspired by the diverse, exciting tasks and the international experience. Because each assignment has me working on a new project, my work is very diverse and I always learn something new. I was able to assume responsibility from the outset, and my work is simply a lot of fun.