High-school students – Dip a toe in the water or learn a trade

If you like working on a team and are committed and reliable, Weiss Technik has a host of opportunities to offer you.

Dual curriculum – Combining theory and practice

Would you like to study, or would you prefer training? With a dual curriculum, you can combine both in an ideal way. You can study at a college or professional academy and utilize your knowledge in practice at Weiss Technik.

During the practical phases, you'll work independently on your own projects and quickly learn how to practically utilize your professional knowledge thanks to intensive mentoring. With a dual curriculum, you'll receive an above-average training salary and, once you have successfully completed an internationally recognized bachelor degree, your career with Weiss Technik will continue.

The requirements for a dual curriculum are qualification for entrance to a general or technical university and a contract with a Weiss Technik company as a partner company.