The new Eco range from weisstechnik – standard Environmental Testing Chambers

Are you looking for a simple, cost effective solution for your environmental testing needs? Then the new ClimeEco is the chamber for you.

The new ClimeEco family of economical Environmental Testing Chambers impresses due to its performance, its simple design and its availability.
Test your products with ClimeEco to ensure that their function and performance can be maintained over their expected lifetime and under typical climate conditions.


ClimeEco is an ideal solution for design and development departments as well as quality control in all industries – especially food production and cosmetics.
Ask us about configuring your own ClimeEco today!




Humidity diagram

Information about the diagram:
A: Test space temperature
B: Relative humidity

Standard climate range for continuous operation

Standard climate range for discontinuous operation only (dew points ranging from +4 °C to -3 °C)