Constant Climate Chambers

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Various environmental influences during production, storage, transport and use can have a negative impact on the functionality and service life of a product. Stability tests must be carried out under defined climatic conditions to prove that materials and substances remain stable under these conditions. The test results are often essential to obtain approval from authorities to launch newly developed materials, substances or finished products on the market.

The importance of constant climate test equipment is increasing in numerous applications

  • Stability testing of products, components and raw materials
  • Temporary storage of samples under controlled conditions
  • Quality control of products and components during production
  • Artificial aging of products, components and raw materials

and much more!


Our constant climate test chambers – Robust. Constant. Low maintenance.

The weisstechnik brand’s “constant testing devices” are used in a wide variety of markets – not only for long-term stability tests in the pharmaceutical industry. For example, they are also used to test batteries, cells, packs, construction materials, electronics, cosmetics, packaging materials, foodstuffs, and in many other areas. 

That’s why our instruments are the perfect solution for customers who need to perform some basic tests on smaller materials without high demands on standards or laws – a reliable and accurate instrument at a low price. They are available as constant temperature test chambers (T) and also as constant climate test chambers (C) with a capacity of 335 and 620 liters.

  • Stainless steel housing inside and outside
  • Standard with wheels, legs available as an option
  • Sterile steam humidifier
  • Automatic defrost
  • Standard stainless-steel gastro trays
  • Memory for 100 programs
  • Many customer options available

Technical Data