Easy handling of electronic components.

Test cabinets with ESD protection ensure electromobility and autonomous driving.

Electrostatic discharge.

Discreet, invisible and extremely dangerous.

Modern vehicles require an increasing number of electronic components. These are highly sensitive and can be quickly and invisibly damaged by electrostatic discharge, or ESD. Electronic components can already be damaged with voltages from 100 volts. If a damaged component doesn’t fail immediately, functional faults that occur later can present a considerable safety risk. Faulty components can lead to accidents and guarantee claims against vehicle manufacturers and their suppliers.

Avoiding overvoltage -

in development and production.

For manufacturers of electronic components, it is particularly important that their products are protected against electrostatic discharge in the best possible way. In order to guarantee the quality of sensors, control devices and circuit boards, all relevant production processes must be ESD-safe, for example by providing ESD protection zones and ESD-safe testing technology.

Entirely voltage-free.

ESD protection for test cabinets.

Weiss Technik offers reliable protection for development divisions and production with its ESD options for environmental simulation cabinets, thus ensuring electromobility and autonomous driving. Test cabinets with an ESD option prevent damage caused by ESD. Operating staff, the test space and the test items are earthed together. For this purpose, construction measures are taken on the test cabinet and components are designed using electrically insulating materials. In addition, they are coated with a special conductive paint.

Play it safe.

With ClimeEvent, ShockEvent and LabEvent test cabinets.

ESD options are available for all Weiss Technik cabinets in the LabEvent, ClimeEvent and ShockEvent series. These come with test space volumes of between 20 and 1,500 litres and in different designs and performance classes. There are also customised special designs and mobile models.