Climate chamber for hydrogen vehicles

Climate chamber for hydrogen vehicles

Playing it safe

Weiss Technik has supplied equipment for the world's first climatic test chamber for hydrogen vehicles in China. The Chinese testing institute CATARC conducts performance tests under simulated environmental conditions. The testing equipment specially designed for this system ensures maximum operational safety.

Weiss Technik has supplied equipment for the first air-conditioning and performance testing facility for hydrogen cars in the Chinese port city of Tianjin. CATARC (China Automotive Technology & Research) is the builder and operator. This state test institute for the Chinese automotive industry tests hydrogen-powered vehicles on a chassis dynamometer. During which, different conditions for temperature, humidity and airflow are created.

One of the special features of this system is the ability to simulate solar radiation. The 27 high-intensity luminaires used for this also come from Weiss Technik. They achieve an intensity of radiation and heat generation that is comparable to a cloudless noon in a Nevada desert. CATARC uses this facility to test how these vehicles behave when exposed to sunlight.

The safety measures for this climatic test chamber are based on a concept that Weiss Technik developed in cooperation with TÜV Rheinland. This comprises a bundle of measures to safeguard environmental simulation equipment and systems against the escape of ignitable gases, in particular hydrogen.

On this basis, the entire system is designed to be explosion-proof (ATEX standard). These include special ignition-proof ventilation, ATEX components, a safety PLC and gas detection sensors. All electrical components are earthed. The light emitters on the roof are separated from the test chamber by a sealed separating panel.

The test chamber is 17 metres long, 8.5 metres wide and 5 metres high. This makes it easy to fit a spacious SUV inside. The high height was chosen so that the spotlights illuminate the room entirely and evenly. The test chamber reaches temperatures from -42 °C to +60 °C and humidity from 10 % to 95 %. This means that CATARC can simulate all other climatic conditions in addition to desert heat in the test chamber.


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