ClimeEvent M climatic test system from...

ClimeEvent M climatic test system from Weiss Technik

Climatic tests the easy way

With the ClimeEvent M, Weiss Technik supplies a cost-effective climatic test system to meet simple requirements. This system keeps the temperature and humidity reliably consistent. It is easy to install and requires little floor space.

With the ClimeEvent M, Weiss Technik offers a climatic test system for temperature and humidity. It consistently maintains temperature from -10 °C to 60 °C and humidity from 30 % to 95 % relative humidity. The ClimeEvent M consists of a 6 to 50 m3 test chamber and at least one mobile climate control unit. The system is suitable for applications that do not require complex control of the climate parameters. These include, for example, the storage of material under stable conditions as well as climatic tests with simpler requirements for temperature control.

Thanks to its simple technology with standard components, the ClimeEvent M climatic test system is cost-effective and readily available. Installation is also easy: thanks to its compact design, it fits into any passenger lift. Power is supplied via a 230 V mains connection. The climatic test system is set up directly in the room without the need for any alterations. Despite its simple design, the ClimeEvent M can be configured in various ways. As the test cell and the temperature control and humidity unit are separate units, one unit can handle several test cells. Alternatively, several climate units can also be used together for a single test cell. This increases the cooling, heating and humidification capacity. In addition, running several climate units means increased operational reliability due to redundancy.