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Software customisation from Weiss Technik

S!MPATI is the standard software for Weiss Technik devices. Users who employ other software and device types can still make their systems compatible with the Weiss Technik control software: a new conversion program translates the divergent formats into the S!MPATI format.

The standard version of S!MPATI is proving its worth in around 35,000 systems. Weiss Technik also offers customer-specific adaptations. This is particularly relevant in the case of test processes, the integration of machines from other manufacturers and the logging of other tests, for example electromagnetic compatibility or material testing.

A particular highlight in the customisation are the conversion programs for third-party formats developed by weisstechnik Software Consulting. These convert programs from other applications into the S!MPATI format, making S!MPATI a universal testing suite for a wide range of test equipment and particularly complex test situations. Devices for climate tests or material testing, devices made by Weiss Technik or other manufacturers: with S!MPATI, users can control their entire machine pool in the field of environmental simulation. In particular, large laboratories and companies that use industrial furnaces for their production processes avail themselves of this Consulting Service.

weisstechnik Consulting Services employ cutting-edge software technology to bring together different test processes and devices in S!MPATI. These include OPA UA as the international standard for the exchange of machine data. The information collected is standardised internally, saved and output numerically or graphically. Where S!MPATI is used in production, products and work-pieces are recorded using barcodes. They identify the product – but also ensure that the correct test method or heat treatment is applied. The software can pass the scan data collected on to an ERP or MES system, which ensures later traceability.

The goal of weisstechnik Software Consulting is to make the customers’ daily testing work easier, even in complex processes in heterogeneous environments.


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