Dry Room Systems for Battery Cell...

Dry Room Systems for Battery Cell Production

Interview with Eike Higgen Standortleiter Hamburg / Vice President Automotive Testing Solutions

„Consider all influences in the indoor climate“
Based on its many years of experience in environmental simula-tion technology, Weiss Technik also configures dry room systems for battery cell production. In the production of high-performance lithium-ion batteries for electric drives, a constantly dry room climate is one of the key technologies.

Mr Higgen, why is it important to produce particularly dry room air in battery cell production?
The best current technology for high-performance storage batteries is lithium-ion batteries. Lithium is a metal that reacts strongly to moisture in the air. That is why it does not occur in nature in pure form. In order to use the properties of pure lithium for battery cells, we must therefore insulate it against atmospheric moisture. Otherwise, the storage capacity of the batteries will not reach its optimum.

What factors do you need to consider when planning a drying room system?
We ensure that the climate in the drying room is constantly and stably dehumidified under all circumstances. Our drying room systems generate a slight overpressure so that, for example, no outside air penetrates when a door is opened. But we also have to take a close look inside the room at where we install the ventilation and dehumidification equipment. This depends, among other things, on how the employees move around the room. Through breathing and evaporation via the skin, the human factor also changes the room climate.

That sounds like a very complex task.
It is a very complex task. In a way, you could also buy the technical components of a drying room off the shelf. But you can only achieve the desired, constant room climate if the drying room system takes all influences into account. Weiss Technik has specialised in this integration service. We are also able to set up systems in existing building structures if the customer is not planning to manufacture battery cells in completely new rooms.


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