Extreme conditions for batteries

Battery abuse test chamber in development

Abuse tests are hardship tests. They are used to expose batteries to extreme influences in order to gain important insights into their safety. These tests require suitable test environments. weisstechnik is planning to launch a newly designed test chamber for precisely this purpose - certified and patented by TÜV.

Thermal shock, misuse, fire, short circuits or the penetration of other components - our special safety tests simulate extreme conditions right up to the total destruction of the battery. This is the only way to comprehensively determine the hazard potential. A challenge for staff and facilities alike. This is because the batteries usually overheat, outgas, catch fire or explode. Batteries must also be ignited or detonated in a controlled manner after the test in order to be able to dispose of them without consequences. This requires an extremely robust set-up.

weisstechnik's new test chamber provides the solution. The final beta tests and validation procedures are currently underway. This will enable all the Abuse tests to be carried out at cell, module, pack or vehicle level with the usual weisstechnik quality. Once ready for series production, the new test chamber will be equipped with additional test equipment and options, including gas sensors and high-speed cameras.

The tests are being made necessary by the increasing demand for electric mobility. The increase in electric vehicles also increases the number of potentially dangerous situations. The batteries must remain safe in any situation, even under exceptional conditions.

There are still no binding standards for the Abuse tests, but weisstechnik's specially constructed test chamber gives rise to the expectation of new standards. The test equipment can also be used for other applications, such as testing high-voltage electronic components or high pressure ratios in valves and fuel cells.


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