S!MPATI online control software

S!MPATI online control software

Take it easy - More security with cloud computing

Weiss Technik increases data security with the S!MPATI online control software. All test facility data is automatically transferred to the cloud. Another advantage: the user has access regardless of location. For example, automated inspection reports or runtime-independent evaluations can be created quickly and easily from anywhere.

S!MPATI online is a software for the management of testing facilities. It enables the organisation of inspections and the preparation of inspection reports via the internet. One of the most important advantages, however, is the redundant storage of data. This means that all measurement results, device information and test reports are stored in the cloud in addition to the data stored locally. This protects the data - even if fire, water, storm or viruses destroy the information at one location. It also corresponds to Rule No. 1 from Dell Technologies' 2020 Backup Study "Store at least one copy off-site".

S!MPATI online security begins even before it is stored in the cloud. A gateway developed by Weiss Technik takes over the transmission of the data. This establishes the connection between the local S!MPATI and the cloud. In addition, the user has read-only access to cloud data. Malware threats from the cloud can therefore be ruled out.

The cloud version is backward compatible up to S!MPATI 2016 and even goes beyond S!MPATI in some of its functions. With the online version, installations and inspections can be managed across locations. This means that worldwide, easy access is possible at any time. Functions for semi-automated report generation are also included. Test reports can now be created with all relevant data at the touch of a button.

The most important advantages at a glance

  • Redundant data backup
  • Access from anywhere
  • Test report management
  • Automated creation of test reports
  • Runtime-independent evaluations
  • Plant reports (also error logs)
  • Graphical evaluation of the measurement data

You can find a demo and the full version at www.weiss-technik.com/software.

Watch a video about S!MPATI Online here.