Solar simulation for the hydrogen age

Premiere at Weiss Technik

Weiss Technik, market leader for environmental simulations, has created the world's first sunlight simulation test stand for vehicles with fuel cells. The central innovations are explosion protection according to the ATEX standard and a lighting system that reduces test preparation time to a minimum.

For function and ageing tests, vehicles are also exposed to intensive irradiation with light. Tests of fuel cell vehicles require special safety precautions, as they are powered by the volatile and explosive gas hydrogen. Weiss Technik was the first supplier worldwide to develop a specialised test chamber for fuel cell vehicles.

Their ATEX safety concept continuously analyses the air in the test chamber and detects even the smallest traces of the explosive gas. In the event of an error message, the safety PLC switches the system off immediately. To prevent electrostatic charging and sparking, the vehicles are earthed in the test chamber.

A technical innovation from Weiss Technik is the puncture-proof double filter disc system between the test chamber and the lighting units. The sunlight emitters are permanently installed in the ceiling of the test chamber. In order to precisely control the radiation intensity, sensors adjust the desired intensity directly on the vehicle. This adjustment process takes only a few seconds. Since this technology removes the need for mechanics to adjust the height of sunlight emitters, Weiss Technik's new product is 30 percent more cost-effective than conventional sunlight simulations.

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