Working hand in hand for strong battery...

Working hand in hand for strong battery cells

Weiss Technik offers comprehensive testing portfolio for electromobility

Energy-efficient, space-saving and versatile test spaces are a growing market. Weiss Technik provides its partners in battery production with a complete portfolio of test cabinets for the validation of cells and modules. The testing spectrum ranges from the development phase to testing for final approval.

There is a growing need for battery testing in the industry. Energy storage systems for electromobility have the highest growth rates. The test systems check how reliable, powerful and durable the products are according to specified standards. These test sequences typically simulate charging cycles under a wide range of environmental conditions such as extreme temperatures, temperature fluctuations, humidity levels and moisture levels. This can be done over long periods of continuous uninterrupted operation.

Best Seller Weiss Technik LabEvent T/500/30/3

Well-known companies rely on the LabEvent series of test cabinets from Weiss Technik, the market leader for environmental simulation systems, to perform these demanding test sequences. The most commonly used model, the LabEvent T/500/30/3, requires only 1 m² of floor space and has a test chamber volume of 520 litres and a test space height of 1.25 metres. This ratio of small footprint to large volume gives Weiss Technik a unique selling point in the market.

The test spaces have several levels on which the testing of many items can take place at the same time. Thanks to intelligent regulation of the refrigeration technology, the test cabinets can be connected to common 230-volt sockets. This is also a unique feature among the competition. The models in the LabEvent range have low energy consumption and use an environmentally compatible refrigerant that will continue to comply with approval regulations for years to come.

Everything from a single source, a comprehensive service

Weiss Technik works hand in hand with users from as early as the project planning stage. This allows us to implement customer-specific wishes on an individual basis. The company manufactures its test cabinets with a high level of vertical integration. This means that users benefit from renowned quality and fast service. Aftersales staff can arrive quickly throughout Germany to rectify faults or solve problems. If requested, the service package also includes maintenance and calibration as well as training employees on how to use the products. When it comes to battery testing, Weiss Technik is currently the only supplier on the market with a complete product portfolio. The fully integrated and fully networked systems have a communication interface via which the customer's own control room software can be connected.

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