• 4-Poster Test Rig and Solar Simulation Test Chamber For Automobile Testing

4-Poster Test Rig and Solar Simulation Test Chamber For Automobile Testing

Before a vehicle goes on the road, it must be ensured that built-in materials and components will work and remain intact long-term under all conditions. After testing in our systems, you can rest assured knowing your finished product is weatherproof. 

The Weiss Technik 4-Poster Test Rig is used in conjunction with a solar simulation chamber in order to carry out tests that simulate road unevenness and environmental factors such as temperature, humidity and sunlight, as well as buzz, squeak and rattle tests.

The 4-poster test rig is essentially a road simulator, using 4-posters that move up and down in order to simulate various road conditions, testing the durability of vehicles using various levels of force, acceleration, strain and other factors that could affect the body of the vehicle and its suspension. 

The solar simulation chamber that the test rig sits inside is a drive-in chamber that simulates the effects of temperature, sunlight and humidity on vehicles to ensure they meet the required specifications.

The 4-Poster Test Rig with Solar Simulation Chamber is part of our extensive range of automotive industry testing chambers where we can provide environmental simulation for a wide range of applications, from Drive In Climate test chambers and Headlight Test Rigs, to Air Pollutant & Corrosive Gas Testing and Sun Simulation Cabinets.