Air dehumidification with adsorption dryers

Increased air humidity can lead to problems such as corrosion, bacterial growth or electrical malfunctions in many industrial areas and processes. Adsorption technology is a particularly low-maintenance and energy-efficient solution for humidity management. Cotes adsorption dryers reliably control humidity, improving process reliability and product quality.

From plug-and-play to customized
The product range includes compact, quick-impact units for mobile use, universal dehumidifiers with standard functions in various capacities, and customized solutions for special requirements. These can be equipped with modules for heating/cooling systems and for heat recovery.

Benefits of adsorption dehumidification:

  • Controlled, energy-efficient humidity management.
  • Prevention of corrosion mold, fungal growth, bacterial growth, and other moisture-related problems
  • Low energy costs and environmental impact
  • Cost savings in maintenance and repair