• CrimeEvent Fingerprint Development Chamber

CrimeEvent Fingerprint Development Chamber

The Weiss Technik CrimeEvent Fingerprint Development Chamber rapidly develops and visualise fingerprints on a variety of porous surfaces using 1,8-Diazafluoren-9-one (DFO) and ninhydrin processes. The environmental chamber produces controlled temperature conditions in combination with high humidity in order to accelerate the ninhydrin process, thus producing excellently clear finger traces in just 3 minutes. This means that important information for combating crime can be provided almost immediately.

The fingerprint development chamber is a bench top, 185L capacity chamber that has been designed to enable batch development of fingerprints in conditions with elevated temperatures and with or without controlled relative humidity.

The DFO process is enhanced by subjecting the samples to elevated temperatures with low humidity, whereas the Ninhydrin proves is enhanced by subjecting samples to elevated temperatures and high humidity (usually 80°C and 62% RH).

Fast – Efficient – Flexible

  • Results in less than 3 minutes
  • Large numbers of samples can be processed
  • Higher throughput in less time
  • Controlled conditions ensure optimum clarity
  • Simultaneous processing of different-sized objects and multiple samples


  • Flexible shelving system
  • Adjustable timer and alarm
  • Independent excess temperature thermostat
  • Combined temperature and humidity sensor
  • Crossflow air system