• TensileEvent Test-Temperature Chamber For Material Strength Testing

TensileEvent Test-Temperature Chamber For Material Strength Testing

The Weiss Technik Tensile and Temperature Test Chamber tests the influence of temperature on the properties, function and lifespan of your products. whether the packaging of medicines in the pharmaceutical industry and other various materials provide sufficient protection through extensive materials testing. The durability and behaviour of the materials are tested under various climatic conditions.

Various environmental factors during production, storage and transport can have a negative influence on the functionality and lifetime of substances, products and packaging. For quality to be guaranteed reliably, tensile tests must therefore be carried out in climatic chambers under precisely predefined climatic conditions.

The temperature test chambers in the TensileEvent series developed by Weiss Technik for material testing are characterised by an individual cooling system or by a cascade cooling system in which the refrigerant does not interact with the surroundings. Using the PID control unit to heat it ensures precise control and the forced ventilation ensures a good heat transfer, making our tensile test machine ideally suited to reliably test the quality of materials, including pharmaceutical packaging.

The temperature of the Tensile Test Chamber ranges from -70°C to +180°C and higher, meaning measurements at various temperatures and humidities in combination with pressure, tension, bending and ageing yield exact information on the material behaviour and quality of any packaging.


  • TE-Model: Compact design with individual coolers behind the test chamber up to -30 °C
  • TC Model: versatile all-rounder on floor rails
  • TM Model: separate test chamber and machine room with flexible cables