• WBT Material Testing Chambers for Different Materials
  • WBT Material Testing Chambers for Different Materials

WBT Material Testing Chambers for Different Materials

Materials such as concrete, bricks, clinker bricks, stone or tiles are often exposed to wind and weather for decades without protection. In order to guarantee long-term quality and to permanently protect buildings, the materials are subject to intensive temperature tests. WBT material testing chambers from weisstechnik® help test the changing influences caused by the sun, wind, rain and frost on different materials and thus, optimise manufacturing procedures, improve quality and comply with the prescribed safety standards.

Perfectly simulate the day-night rhythm

The material testing chambers are perfect to test the effects of water and cold on construction materials in a cyclic alternating pattern associated with heat - as is the case with the day-night rhythm. In doing so, it is possible to realise various test scenarios such as water saturation of the materials between periods of frost, rapid floods, irrigation (optional) or spraying (optional). This can be used to ensure that the materials meet all the necessary safety standards. The robust WBT testing chambers are made completely of steel and have a stainless steel test room container and an efficient recirculation fan in the cover. They can be easily loaded, even with the use of lifting tools, from above. The parts with the switch cabinet are set up as a separate unit right next to the testing chamber.


  • Robust testing chambers, suitable for different materials
  • Diverse standard test scenarios are retrievable (e.g. frost-dew alternating tests)
  • Wide temperature range from -30 to +60 ºC
  • Combined testing of day-night rhythm and water
  • Optimise manufacturing processes, improve quality, satisfy safety standards