MicroClean AS wins Norwegian Innovation...

MicroClean AS wins Norwegian Innovation Award together with partner weisstechnik

Hygiene concepts for the fishing and food industry

MicroClean AS wins Norwegian Innovation Award together with partner weisstechnik

MicroClean has won NCE Seafood Innovation's "Gründerjule-presangen" aquaculture competition with its commitment to technologies that effectively kill vegetative bacteria, especially listeria. The MicroClean proto-type was industrially tested for eight months at Nordlaks Produkter AS to validate the functionality of the invention.

The Gründerjulepresangen is a competition for aquaculture companies and offers, in addition to a cash prize, entrepreneurial support for young companies. The prize money is primarily used to launch and successfully market the novel product for the aquaculture industry.

New roads for the fisheries and food industry

“In the fishing and food industries, listeria and other disease-causing bacteria such as e-coli and salmonella primarily occur in biofilm on production-related production lines, conveyors, plastic containers, cutting blades or storage bins. This is difficult to control, so many cleaning cycles and often strong chemicals must be used to keep the development under control”, according to Dan Roger Olsen of MicroClean.

Chemical-free cleaning concept

The company's technology is based on the use of wet heat generated by the weisstechnik microwaves and their electromagnetic radiation. According to the company and SINTEF confirmation, this new method effectively kills bacteria by more than 99.99% on all plastic production aids. What's more - even insulation foams that may be affected are disinfected.

The use of chemicals can thus be dispensed with.


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