Planning & consulting

Ultimate competence for optimal performance

As specialised engineers in the field of environmental simulation, heating engineering, air conditioning and clean rooms as well as clean air and containment, we support our customers even in the planning phase. We are familiar with the legal requirements, the practical needs and economic aspects which are needed to fulfil customers’ individual requirements.

Suitable, economical and compliant with standards: this is what we understand as a successful solution.

weisstechnik® a solution for every need

Calibration tool AMS 2750F and CQI9

For applications in AMS 2750 F or CQI9 it is essential that the systems can be fit for...

New furnace series for curing ophthalmic

lenses and blanks

Freudenberg NOK

Drying of Primer on metal parts for rubber-metal connectors


Extraction of vapors during door opening


Freudenberg - Reheating elastomer seals

Reheating elastomer seals


Trocknung von lackierten Leiterplatten in der Elektronikfertigung

Trocknung von lackierten Leiterplatten in der Elektronikfertigung


Heat it.

Produce White Label products


Preparatory work - Melting of plastic materials

Throughput systems allow for ideal layout of production cells


Curing of siliconized electronics in wind power systems

Offshore wind power systems are exposed to a rough environment.

Schunk Sintermetall Technik

Continuous Drying of sinter metal parts


DLR Augsburg

Curing of high-volume fibre composite components


DLR Stade

Curing of fibre composite components in RTM process


Airbus - CFRP composite components

With this material you can take off safely.

Norma - Thermosetting in a continuous furnace

Modern vehicles are equipped with numerous pipe and hose systems.

Fraunhofer IWU - Dimensionally stable lightweight components

Hybrid structures made of various materials are used for lightweight construction...



Microwaves are also used for industrial heating and drying processes.