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Test it. Heat it. Cool it.

Materials are used in a variety of production. They have to be safe for humans and the environment, shaped into the correct form, and meet their intended purposes long term. With weisstechnik® systems you can identify the possible evaporation of building materials and parts. In addition to production ovens for moulding, we also offer infra-red ovens, e.g. for manufacturing carpets or treating timber. The dust that this produces doesn’t stand a change with our safety workstations – and in highly critical situations, we offer added explosion protection. Choose the best.

Project Managemen Vötsch Heat Technology

Climate Test Chambers, Type ClimeEvent

Temperature Test Chambers, Type TempEvent

Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers, Type LabEvent

Laboratory Test Chambers, Type LabEvent

EMC Test Cabinets, Type LabEvent

Assembly Test Chambers, Type LabEvent

Test Cabinets for Temperature Shock Tests, Type TS/VT³

WT3-V and WK3-V Vibration Testing Cabinets

SunEvent Sun Simulation Test Cabinet

Global-UV test unit, Type Global UV3 200

Corrosion Alternating Tests Chamber SaltEvent, Type SC

Corrosion Alternating Tests Chamber SaltEvent, Type SC-KWT

WBT Material Testing Chambers for Different Materials

Air pollutant test chamber, Type AirEvent

EmissionEvent, Type Fape

EmissionEvent, Type VOC 1000

Test Cabinets for Ozone Resistance Tests, Type OZ

Equipment for the calibration of pollutant sensors

Dust Test Devices for Functional Tests, Type ST

Spray and Splash Water Test Device, Type SWT

Calorimetric chamber for materials testing

Tensile Test–Climate Chamber, TensileEvent

Tensile Test–Temperature Chamber, TensileEvent

Industrial Ovens, Heating and Drying Ovens, HeatEvent

Dryers and Industrial Ovens for flammable solvents EN 1539, HeatEvent F

Explosion-Proof Heating and Drying Ovens, VTUW

Explosion-Proof Dyring Oven, VFT with ATEX type examination

Continous Oven Systems, VDU / VDL

VHM Hephaistos - Patented Mircowave Technology

Industrial Ovens/ Drying Ovens for Flammable Material, VTL

Industrial Ovens/ Heating and Drying Ovens, VTU

VTUT - Chest Ovens for Heating Up and Hot Storage

VIR - Infrared Technology

Infrared System, IR

Infrared emitters

Infrared modules

Tempering Heat Ovens, VAW

Mobile climatic cabinet

Air Dehumidification System

S!MPATI® Software