Aerospace solutions from Weiss Technik

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Test it. Heat it. Cool it.

Taking off successfully and landing safely are the most important obligations for the aerospace industry. You can use weisstechnik® environmental simulation systems to simulate all the important parameters in advance. The dimensional accuracy of individual components must be just right to ensure that they fit into the system perfectly. This must also hold true for composite materials with differing thermal expansion coefficients. With our heating technology systems, you can achieve homogeneous shaping results across an entire surface. Our containment and cleanroom systems keep undesired dust particles away, regardless of whether they arise while sanding lacquer, from production processes or when measuring electronics components. Get ready to take off!

Laboratory Test Chambers, Type LabEvent

Pumping module for satellite lens

Altitude Simulation Cabinet, Typ SkyEvent

Low Temperature Cabinets

Calorimetric chamber for materials testing

Temperature Vacuum Cabinet

Climate Test Chambers, Type ClimeEvent

Temperature Test Chambers, Type TempEvent

Conditioning systems as an add-on for electric test rigs

Temperature and climate air conditioning units for external test areas

Precision climate test cabinets for particularly stable and homogeneous test conditions

Walk-in Chambers, Type ClimeEvent

Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers, Type LabEvent

EMC Test Cabinets, Type LabEvent

Assembly Test Chambers, Type LabEvent

Equipment for the calibration of pollutant sensors

OBIGGS test platform

Test Cabinets for Temperature Shock Tests, ShockEvent

Vibration Testing Cabinets, Type ShakeEvent

Vacuum test chambers VTH and VCH/WT-D and WK-D

SunEvent Sun Simulation Test Cabinet

Global-UV test unit, Type Global UV3 200

Corrosion Alternating Tests Chamber SaltEvent, Type SC

Corrosion Alternating Tests Chamber SaltEvent, Type SC-KWT

Climate change corrosion test chamber - SC 1000/15-60 IU

Air pollutant test chamber, Type AirEvent

Test Cabinets for Ozone Resistance Tests, Type OZ

Climatic tunnels

Fuel conditioning

Fluid conditioning systems

Pyrotechnic test platform

Tensile Test–Climate Chamber, TensileEvent

Tensile Test–Temperature Chamber, TensileEvent



Air-conditioning units Vindur® Compact

Air-conditioning unit Vindur® Compact

vötschoven VVT vacuum dryer

Industrial Ovens, Heating and Drying Ovens, HeatEvent

Dryers and industrial ovens for flammable solvents EN 1539, HeatEvent F

VHM Hephaistos - Patented Microwave Technology

VTUT - Chest Ovens for Heating Up and Hot Storage

VIR - Infrared Technology

Infrared System, IR

Infrared emitters

Infrared modules

Air dehumidification system

S!MPATI® Software

Cooling wall system Vindur® CoolW@ll