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Dual study programme in Business Administration (B.A.)

Do you enjoy business management processes and would like to take on management tasks? Then a dual Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration is just right for you.


The Bachelor’s programme in Business Administration provides you with a generalist and practical training to become a well-rounded manager. In addition to specialist knowledge, you will acquire the most important skills that future managers need such as analytical skills, solution-orientated action, and entrepreneurial thinking.

Specialisation in Logistics Management

In the Logistics Management specialisation, you will deepen your theoretical and practical knowledge of the organisation, control, provision, and optimisation of processes relating to the manufacturing process and the entire supply chain.

Specialisation in Business Informatics

In the Business Informatics specialisation, you will deepen your theoretical knowledge and practical skills in order to develop and implement IT solutions for operational processes and information supply. Business informatics knowledge and skills are used to optimise numerous processes such as data exchange, calculations and payment transactions, and contact with customers as well as billing and personnel systems.


  • Bachelor of Arts in


  • 7 semesters


  • Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences

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Dual study programme – combining theory and practice

You can find more information about the dual study programme on the StudiumPlus website

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