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Dual study programme in Engineering (B.Eng.)

Are you interested in engineering and scientific methods and would like to know how they are used in practice? Then a dual study programme in engineering is just the thing for you.


Specialisation in Electrical Engineering

The dual Bachelor’s programme in Engineering with specialisation in Electrical Engineering will enable you to recognise engineering tasks and problems and solve them scientifically and methodically. You will learn how to use and optimise the technologies available in electrical engineering.

General electrical engineering covers a wide range of applications – from the efficient generation, distribution, and utilisation of electrical energy to the storage, processing, and use of information in communications and automation technology. State-of-the-art tools such as computer technology, digital networks, micromechanical sensors, and actuators are used for this purpose.

Specialisation in Mechanical Engineering

The dual Bachelor’s programme with a specialisation in Mechanical Engineering enables you to apply and implement engineering methods to solve a wide range of tasks in mechanical engineering in order to plan, develop, and produce technical systems in your respective field.

The general mechanical engineering specialisation covers the areas of design and industrial production (i.e. the methods used on the way to the product). You will learn how to find answers to complex engineering questions. As an overarching branch of engineering, the simulation of the mechanical behaviour of components and automation technology round off the range of courses.


  • B. Eng.


  • 7 semesters


  • Technische Hochschule Mittelhessen University of Applied Sciences

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