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Standard test chambers and equipment for environmental simulation

Our brand is based in Balingen, which is also home to our competence centre for standard test equipment and customised solutions. These versatile chambers and systems can accurately and reliably replicate the loads placed on the equipment being tested to simulate thermal, dynamic, and mechanical loading. They therefore provide the ideal platform for reliably testing the impact of climatic conditions and other factors on products and materials.

Wide range of services for diverse requirements
The Balingen facility produces a wide range of standard temperature test chambers and temperature testing equipment, climatic test chambers and climatic testing equipment. The test chambers and equipment can also be customised for a diverse range of customer-specific requirements. Depending on the model, this equipment can simulate temperatures, humidity, rain/leaks, air pressure, sunlight and UV radiation, wind, and vibrations. We also develop and manufacture solutions for long-term tests, equipment for testing electronic assemblies, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and lithium-ion batteries, headlight testing equipment, and thermal shock test chambers.

Tried and tested technology, intelligent control
Our test chambers and equipment are extremely reliable and – among other things – have been designed to meet the high demands and strict standards of the automotive, pharmaceutical, food, aviation, and aerospace industries. Our standardised test equipment is available in a variety of dimensions and performance strengths, and some models are available in an explosion-proof version. Intelligent control systems mean that our equipment is particularly user-friendly. They also allow the various pieces of equipment to be networked to communicate with one another and managed via a single control system.

Environmental simulation from the start
Vötsch has a long history in the field of environmental simulation technology, which it is regarded as having invented. The company was founded in 1929, in Berlin, and later moved to Balingen until it joined the Weiss Technik family.

Site Manager in Balingen

Since February 2017, Thomas Jarck has been Site Manager, the Weiss Technik location in Balingen. Born 1962 in Aalen, he first completed his studies in business administration with a master’s degree.

He began his career as a controller before joining Vötsch Technik in 1996 as head of administration and human resources. In 2006, he took over the human resources management of the German Weiss Technik companies and returned to Balingen in 2017 as site manager.

Climatic Test Chambers With Eco-Friendly Refrigerants, Type ClimeEvent

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You can get the new ClimeEvent test chambers with the temperature change rate 3K/min and 5K/min, in the sizes 180, 340, 600, 1000, 1500 and 2000...

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LabEvent Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers For Laboratory & Product Testing

The Weiss Technik LabEvent Benchtop Temperature Test Chamber is ideal for temperature testing in the areas of research, development and quality control where there is limited laboratory space or for the...

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ShockEvent Temperature Shock Test Chamber for Electronics

The Weiss Technik Shock Event Temperature Shock Test Chamber allows for the testing of the functionality and reliability of electronic products and their components against alternating low and high...

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SunEvent Solar Simulation Test Chamber

The Weiss Technik SunEvent Solar Simulation Test Chamber helps you to simulate the solar effects of sunlight, temperature and humidity on the properties and service life of your products. For many products,...

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Conditioning systems as an add-on for electric test rigs

Special test systems are required to test the durability of electric motors and generators under different environmental conditions. The brands weisstechnik and...

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Headlight Test Rig For The Automotive Industry

Weiss Technik offer a range of test chambers for the automotive industry including specific test rigs for specialised applications such as this Headlight Test Rig Chamber. It is an environmental test...

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RACS (Remote Air Conditioning System)

Not every product which needs to be tested in hot, cold, humid or dry conditions fits in a standard temperature or climate test cabinet. In such cases, the test structure can be housed in an external test...

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Assembly Test Chambers, Type LabEvent

For development and production processes of materials or electronic components they have to be tested under realistic temperature conditions to determine possible weaknesses or ageing-induced damages in...

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