EU F-Gas Regulation

Two steps ahead of competition

Our customers benefit from the future-proof, eco-friendly refrigerants which we are using as the first manufacturer on the market in all devices. Therefore our new products do not only comply with the current regulations, but can be used for their entire product life without retrofits – of course with the same performance.

Refrigerant R-404A replaced by R-449A in all chambers

Global Warming Potential

F-Gases and Environmental Protection

Refrigerants used in climate chambers today (so-called F-Gases, e.g. R404A) do have a high global warming potential (GWP). Since 2015 they need to be replaced by less harmful variants. We at WeissTechnik strive to build high-performance and still eco-friendly climatic chambers. Since January 2018 all our chambers are shipped with the less-harmful refrigerant R449A.



Extensively tested for reliable performance

WeissTechnik and refrigerant-manufacturer Chemours worked together to test and optimize the R449A refrigerant for our climatic chambers. R449A only has one third of the global warming potential of R404A, but its thermodynamic parameters are different. Despite the required changes to the design of our cooling aggregates we have converted all product families to the new refrigerant – also as a signal in the fight against global warming.



Champion of R449A

With the introduction of our ClimeEvent product family in 2016 we have been first to market with the R449A refrigerant. Now we use this advance in experience for our customers, for example to eliminate mandatory leak checks up to mid-size chamber volumes. Our products are also not affected by the market shortage of R404A and the extreme price increase of this refrigerant.



On-site Retrofits

Long-term compliance and predictability

WeissTechnik Service is retrofitting climatic chambers to long-term compliant refrigerants like R452A already since 2016. The design of our climate chambers allows the exchange without technical adjustments – and the performance of the chamber stays the same, of course.




Details about the current procurement-situation of refrigerants

Here you can download details about the current procurement-situation of refrigerants, about the F-gas regulation and its implications on the owners of climatic chambers.