Complete solutions for test systems from a single source

Scorching heat, Siberian cold, extreme sunshine, heavy rains, or a sandstorm? No problem: We offer complete solutions for a wide variety of test systems for environmental simulation from a single source – from the initial planning sketch and test engineering to the supply of operating equipment and after-sales service.

Interview Jörg Kildau,
Head of Project Management / Deputy
Head of Business Area Plant Engineering

Why is turnkey facility construction by weisstechnik® worthwhile?

Planning a test facility requires in-depth knowledge in all technical and commercial areas – from the search for a suitable location to the technical execution and the drafting of contracts with suppliers and companies. Here we can relieve our customers of a lot of work with our complete packages. This saves them time and money and keeps them confident with their test facility.

Which customers do you serve in facility construction?

We have several mainstays. One focus is on automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, for whom we realize many large-scale projects. This experience also helps us with test facilities for fuel cells. We also have customers in the aerospace, defense, ICT and electronics, pharmaceutical, biology and medical technology, as well as materials testing and textiles sectors. Our systems are used in research and development departments, in production and in the quality assurance of companies. They are also used by universities and colleges, testing institutes, and monitoring organizations.

What has to be considered when building test facilities for fuel cells?

Hydrogen is highly volatile and highly explosive. Therefore, test chambers must meet the highest safety requirements. To create a flexible platform for this, we are working with TÜV Rheinland to develop a modular and scalable test chamber concept for complete vehicles with fuel cells. The technical safety concept includes hydrogen detectors, the avoidance and safeguarding of ignition sources, the calculation of air exchange rates, and specifications for the permissible tank level during the test.

An interview with Jörg Kildau, Head of Project Management / Deputy Head of Business Area Plant Engineering weisstechnik®.

Dipl.-Ing. in Process Engineering and an Attorney (LL.M.) Jörg Kildau has been active nationally and internationally in large-scale facility construction for around 30 years. He has extensive experience in all relevant technical and commercial areas.









Turnkey test facilities for a wide range of applications

As an experienced system partner for turnkey test system construction, weisstechnik® serves a large market. Its range extends from roller test stands to altitude simulation chambers and covers almost all climatic conditions and load conditions for fuel cells, whole vehicles, and other test specimens worldwide.



Our facilities and examples

Simulate our facilities, individually or in combination:

  • Temperature                                             
  • Moisture                                                 
  • Vibration                                                 
  • Precipitation                                
  • Salty atmosphere                          
  • Controlled atmosphere                         
  • Pressure
  • Radiation
  • Wind



Examples of test chambers with/without integrated test benches:


Our turnkey services and solutions

Our turnkey services

  • Initial consultation                                                      
  • Development of rough idea and budget price          

  • Planning and quote based on specifications                

  • Implementation as general contractor               

  • Development and delivery of test equipment            

  • All trades and suppliers

  • Calibration and commissioning


Our test solutions

  • Stability tests
  • Performance tests
  • Degradation tests
  • for fuel cells and complete vehicles



Budget, timing and technology firmly under control

When planning and implementing test benches and other test facilities, it is important to keep a firm eye on the technical requirements, timing, and budget at all times. As a general contractor, we offer our customers a number of clear advantages.

Our strengths:

  • Implementation in line with the budget
  • Highest cost transparency
  • Timely coordination
  • All suppliers and trades


Test technology proven worldwide

Experience, commitment, success

The successful planning, smooth realization, and punctual commissioning of a test facility is teamwork. That’s why we use the experience of our specialists and train all employees consistently and comprehensively.

Our team:

  • Experienced planners, project managers, and engineers
  • Personal commitment and high flexibility
  • Competent answers and industry-proof solutions
  • Confident cooperation with all trades



Flexible technology, powerful performance

We are an experienced partner for individually planned test solutions and customized test facilities. In doing so, we work from the initial idea to far beyond the last screw and adapt our services precisely to the respective requirements.

Your benefits:

  • Customized test solutions
  • Customer-oriented processes
  • Service packages tailored to your needs
  • Reproducible test results



Worldwide competent service

Our service team covers the whole of Germany and comprises 500 employees worldwide. With our service specialists, we ensure that test facilities function reliably and that any necessary maintenance and repairs are carried out as quickly as possible.

Convincing service:

  • Personal contact
  • Worldwide service network
  • Highly qualified service specialists
  • Reliable spare parts supply
  • Maintenance, servicing, and repair
  • Qualification, factory calibration, and calibration
  • Conversion, modification, and modernization
  • Training programs for customers