• Dust Test, Type DustEvent ST

Dust Test, Type DustEvent ST

With the dust test devices DustEvent ST produced by Weiss Technik, you can carry out reliability tests in accordance with DIN EN 60529 (VDE 0470-1) IP5X and IP6X. Our standard chambers are available in sizes of approximately 1,000L and 2,000L. In addition to this, we also offer customised sizes upon request so you can meet specific test requirements.

Our dust test devices are environmental simulation systems that allow test specimen to be exposed to dust for a defined period of time. The dust is distributed homogeneously throughout the test chamber, ensuring that the test specimens meet the test standards.

Optional equipment is also available so further standards can be complied with, including:

  • ISO 20653
  • SAE J 575
  • MIL STD 810

Our IP tests provide reproducible proof for a whole range of electrical products and components, from simple dust protection to dust tightness. We also offer solutions for testing the dust resistance of lithium-ion batteries (e.g. electric vehicles), tailored to your specific project and ideas.

Please note the test device can only meet the applicable section of the standard.