A tradition of success.

90 years ago, Ernst Vötsch founded his company for manufacturing refrigerated displays in Berlin. Back then, nobody would have guessed that he was also laying the groundwork for a unique brand which can justifiably be perceived as an inventor of environmental simulation. Even today, the Balingen site is the centre of competence for standard testing equipment, and testing equipment modified to meet customer demands. For this reason, the name of vötschtechnik is closely associated with the precision, inventiveness and reliability which Ernst Vötsch demonstrated in the early years of his company.


Experience and innovation

1929 - 2019

Discover 90 years of environmental simulation!


The acquisition of a piece of land around 14,000 m2 in size is the first step to restructuring, with a new logistics hall and new office spaces.


An additional 1700 m2 production area has been acquired with the building of Hall S.


A new era for environmental simulation has been founded with the presentation of the ClimeEvent and TempEvent testing cabinets.


The new ShockEvent testing cabinets are launched


With the building of Hall R, top right, production capacities have been significantly expanded even further.


Special stability testing cabinets from the Klima 3000 series have been development for the demands of the pharmaceutical industry.


The introduction of the new Klima 3000 series is a further crucial milestone in equipment development.


The first environmental simulation solution for lithium ion batteries and solar modules is developed


Market introduction of the new Klima 2000 equipment programme as the first joint development by Vötsch and Weiss


The company changes its name to Vötsch Industrietechnik GmbH (VIT), with a focus on environmental simulation and heating technology, and has 300 employees


Takeover of Heraeus Industrietechnik GmbH (HIT) by its long-term competitor Weiss Umwelttechnik


The triple shock test chamber and liquid shock test chamber have been developed to meet customer demands for complying with special testing standards.


The company changes its name to Heraeus Industrietechnik GmbH (HIT) and HERAEUS Thermosystems GmbH is integrated into the industrial oven product portfolio


Tabletop temperature test units with the first freely programmable control system


The Herafreeze storage freezers and chest freezers display a short journey into the world of storage cabinets for blood and pharmaceutical products


Heraphyt test chambers and plants for the biological research under reproducible environmental conditions, with high light intensities for various plants


Standard product portfolio from tabletop temperature test units to climate test chambers to temperature shock test cabinets.


Top-loading temperature test chambers series VLM for testing of materials under extreme temperature conditions, for large and heavy test specimens


The manufacturing building has been significantly expanded with construction stages 3 and 4, in order to create the necessary production capacities immediately.


The compact testing chambers worked in temperature ranges up to -60 °C and were known internally as 'super minis'.


The shift to series production marks the change from a technical workshop to an industrial production company.


Takeover of company by the Heraeus Group, and Heraeus Vötsch GmbH (HVB) founded


Vötsch has laid a crucial foundation stone for further success for the company with the building of the distinctive shed.


Temperature test unit with a test space volume of 64 litres for tests at extremely low temperatures down to -80 °C


After the death of the company founder, his son Otto Vötsch takes over the company and expands it, increasing the number of employees to 200


Temperature test chamber from the 1960s, fully operational even today


After the destruction of the building in Berlin, the company moves and builds new premises at Frommern in Baden-Württemberg


Founding of the company in Berlin by Ernst Vötsch and invention of the modern environmental simulation