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For two years, Weiss Technik Academy has been synonymous with successful application, technology and product training in the area of environmental simulation and air-conditioning technology – always custom-designed for Weiss Technik employees and partners.
In 2019, two new and highly current topics were added to the range of seminars available for our customers:
• ESD basics (cooperation with the ESD Academy)
• F-Gas regulation – detailed information
In addition to these open seminars, the Weiss Technik Academy also offers closed, customer-specific seminars at the locations in Lindenstruth and Balingen upon request.

Seminar: F-Gas regulation, detailed information on its consequences...

F-Gas regulation

One-day operator training
Seminar on the consequences of the refrigerant regulation of the EU on environmental simulation. Information on topics such as:
• R-404A, 2020 no longer permitted in new systems
• Consequences of the refrigerant change on systems
• Operator obligations and leak testing
• Developments concerning refrigerant availability and service
• Upgrading existing systems
• Advantages and disadvantages of alternative refrigerants

Please select an appropriate date

Costs: This seminar is free of charge for customers of weisstechnik and vötschtechnik
Spring 2019:
Lindenstruth: Tue., 19 February 2019 -> Unfortunately already full

Other dates will be offered over the course of the year, expected in June and October 2019.

The number of participants at the training is limited.

Avoiding overvoltage - in development and production.

ESD basics for ESD technicians

One-day user training
For manufacturers of electronic components, it is especially important to optimally protect their products against electrostatic discharge. In order to ensure the quality of sensors, control equipment and circuit boards, all relevant production processes must be designed with ESD safety in mind. For example by means of ESD safety zones and ESD-safe testing equipment.

Costs: EUR 499.00 + VAT / per person

Please select an appropriate date
Spring 2019:
Großmaischeid: Thu., 7 March 2019
Großmaischeid: Tue., 12 March 2019

The number of participants at the training is limited.

Environmental simulation user training

Two-day service training for customers

Two-day service training in environmental simulation for customers
We regularly offer free service trainings for customers at our locations in Lindenstruth and Balingen.
The two-day seminars consist of a theoretical part and various workshops that convey fundamental knowledge concerning the function, operation, maintenance, calibration and networking of environmental simulation systems and testing equipment.

User training dates

Please select an appropriate date

Costs: EUR 950.00 + VAT
This seminar is free of charge for customers of weisstechnik and vötschtechnik.
Spring 2019:
Lindenstruth: Tue., 12 March - Wed., 13 March 2019
Balingen: Tue., 19 March - Wed., 20 March 2019

Autumn 2019:
Lindenstruth: Tue., 10 September - Wed., 11 September 2019
Balingen: Tue., 24 September - Wed., 25 September 2019

The number of participants at the training is limited.

S!MPATI training

Service training for customers: S!MPATI for beginners

The typical agenda of a training in our custom-developed regulation and control software S!MPATI includes the following key aspects:

• Networking of systems
• Installation and configuration
• Standard functions and options
• User management and audit trail
• Program creation and program pool
• Messages, reports and email notification
• Analysis and data export


Please select an appropriate date

Costs: EUR 397.00 + VAT / per person
Spring 2019:
Lindenstruth: Thu., 14 March 2019, (alternate date: Mon., 11 March 2019)
Balingen: Thu., 21 March 2019, (alternate date: Mon., 18 March 2019)

Autumn 2019:
Lindenstruth: Thu., 12 September 2019, (alternate date: Mon., 09 September 2019)
Balingen: Thu., 26 September 2019, (alternate date: Mon., 23 September 2019)
The number of participants per training is limited. If necessary, alternative dates can be agreed at short notice. Take advantage of information straight from the source!

Individually customized trainings according to your needs

If desired, your operating personnel can be trained in all aspects of refrigeration and air-conditioning technology by competent experts. We also offer trainings in control and regulation technology as well as hygiene trainings according to VDI 6022 (type A+B).

The trainings can take place at our own training centre or at your location. Alongside the teaching of theoretical knowledge, the seminar content is supplemented by case examples and practical solutions.

The content and the duration of the trainings are individually designed according to your needs and wishes. We would be happy to advise you on all aspects and to provide a corresponding offer.