Pharma solutions from Weiss Technik

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Test it. Heat it. Cool it.

weisstechnik® supplies GMP-compatible and FDA-compliant solutions for the production and packaging of pharmaceuticals and active substances – from stability testing in the development phase, testing of the durability of packaging under tensile stress and sterile filling of packaging, right through to optimal, germ-free production under cleanroom conditions. Our safety workbenches and workplaces provide the necessary protection for both personnel and products. Be on the safe side!


Stability Test Chambers, Type Pharma

Pharma 250-L and Pharma 500-L Photostability Test Cabinets For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Walk-In Stability Test Chamber For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Climatic Test Chambers With Eco-Friendly Refrigerants, Type ClimeEvent

Temperature Test Chambers, Type TempEvent

Climatic Walk-in Chambers & Rooms, Type ClimeEvent

LabEvent Benchtop Temperature Test Chambers For Laboratory & Product Testing

Laboratory Test Chambers, Type LabEvent

Assembly Test Chambers, Type LabEvent

WIBObarrier® Clean Air Curtain For The Pharmaceutical Industry

WIBOjekt® Biological Safety Cabinets

WIBO® Lifting Devices

WIBO® Isolator System For The Pharmaceutical Industry

Microbiological Safety Workbench KTB-NS II

WIBOclean® Clean Room Air Showers For The Pharmaceutical Industry

BDK® Laminar Air Flow Ventilation Systems

Vindur® Turnkey Cleanroom Solutions For Blister Packaging Machines

Vindur® Turnkey Solutions For Pharmacies and Laboratories

Vindur® Compact Universal Application Hospital Air-Conditioning Units

Industrial Ovens, Heating and Drying Ovens, HeatEvent

Hot Air Sterilisers SteriEvent ISO 5 and SteriEvent ISO 7

Dryers and industrial ovens for flammable solvents EN 1539, HeatEvent F

Explosion-Proof Heating and Drying Ovens, VTUW

Explosion-Proof Drying Oven ATEX Approved For Drying & Heating

Industrial Laboratory Ovens vötschoven Lab

Industrial Conveyor Ovens for Continuous Processing

VHM Hephaistos Industrial Microwave Chamber For Aerospace Engineering

Heating and Drying Ovens for Clean Rooms, VTF

Industrial Air Dehumidifiers

S!MPATI® Pharma Software

Vindur® CoolW@ll Cool Wall System For Data Centres

Thermo Scientific Vacutherm Vacuum Chambers