• Cooling wall system Vindur® CoolW@ll


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Data centers are playing an increasingly significant role in modern industrial society. Computing capacities required for the rapid increase of digitalization consume enormous amounts of energy. The major part of electrical server capacity is converted into heat which, in turn, must be dissipated. That’s why cool heads of many IT and telecommunication companies decide to use the innovative air conditioning systems by weisstechnik®


Cooling wall system Vindur® CoolW@ll

CoolW@ll® is a pioneering innovation in the area of IT air-conditioning. The main idea here is both simple and ingenious: thanks to the use of heat-exchanger modules with large surface areas and water flowing through them, the dividing wall between the supply infrastructure and the IT room is used for air-conditioning. This helps to save space in data centres and also makes recirculating coolers unnecessary.

The advantages of CoolW@ll® at a glance:

  • The most efficient air-conditioning system in its class
  • Highest useful cooling capacity combined with low space requirements
  • Scalable and flexible in service: Can be used as a cold or hot aisle solution, with or without a raised floor

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