Vertical Farming

Efficient climate solutions for the agriculture of the future

The world is facing enormous challenges: Population growth, climate variability and the loss of arable land and fresh water. In order to be able to grow enough food in the future, new ideas and methods are necessary. Vertical farming has emerged over the last decade as one of the tools we can use to address these challenges. Vertical farming solutions grow lettuce and herbs in vertical layers near or even in the middle of city centres in large metropolises. Unlike in a typical greenhouse, the plants are not exposed to natural light, but are instead cultivated with LED lights under optimised conditions.

Specific requirements

Vertical farms use different farming methods, but they have similar requirements. In addition to lighting and irrigation, air-conditioning technology plays a decisive role. Plants are only able to grow ideally with precisely adjusted temperatures, luminous humidity values and air conduction. In addition, an intelligent air-conditioning solution uses the waste heat to operate the dehumidification drive via reheating and internal heat recovery.




The biggest challenges to climate solutions for vertical agriculture are:

Temperature and humidity: How much cooling, dehumidification and heating is required to optimise the temperature and humidity of the grow room?

Energy costs: Energy efficiency is crucial for the profitability of vertical farming. How can energy and therefore costs be saved?

Hygiene standards: The air in the nursery must not only be at an optimal temperature, but also clean. How can pollution and contaminants be avoided in vertical farms?

Scalability: Not only does air conditioning technology have to work today, but also as the company grows and expands. How scalable is the climate solution?

Flexibility: As experience grows, the requirements for air conditioning may also change. How flexible is the climate solution?


We offer the right answers. With years of experience in both vertical farming and climate solutions in general, we know what it takes. Our air conditioning units are compact and offer flexible air ducting and connection options. Precise control and monitoring of temperature and humidity requirements are no problem thanks to intelligent control systems. In addition, our units meet the highest hygiene standards, such as VDI 6022. With our global service network, we can implement your project wherever you need it - worldwide and tailored to your individual requirements.




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