Whether old or new - we make your air conditioning technology EnEV-compliant

Optimise systems, save energy, reduce costs.

The careful use of resources is a matter of course for more and more people - and not just because of the costs. Legislators are also paying tribute to this fact and are constantly tightening the requirements for the energy efficiency of systems and building technology.

The growing requirements for the energy efficiency of non-residential buildings are anchored in the Energy Saving Ordinance (EnEV). Section 12 of the EnEV regulates the energy inspection of air conditioning systems. If the cooling requirement exceeds twelve kilowatts, these must be carried out regularly. The inspection includes the ratio of system dimensioning to cooling demand as well as the efficiency of the individual components that influence the efficiency. Among other things, the design of the system, the operating times and the air volumes and temperatures required are examined. In addition, the Renewable Energies Heat Act (EEWärmeG), or Wärmegesetz for short, requires that the energy for heating, cooling and hot water preparation be partly covered by renewable energies or that the energy efficiency of the building be improved.

Weiss Air solutions is authorised to carry out EnEV-compliant inspections. We issue the energy certificate, recommend measures for energy system optimisation and also implement them technically. In this way, you meet the legal requirements, reduce energy demand and increasingly save on operating costs as electricity prices continue to rise.

The energy inspection must be carried out within the following periods:

  • For new systems, for the first time in the 10th year after commissioning.
  • For existing systems (age of the air conditioning system on 01.10.2007) within:
    6 years (for systems 4 to 12 years old) => deadline ended on 01.10.2013
    4 years (for systems more than 12 years old) => deadline ended on 01.10.2011
    2 years (for systems more than 20 years old) => deadline ended on 01.10.2009
  • Periodic inspection of the system every 10 years



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EnEV optimization - if you check, you save.