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More air hygiene in times of Corona

Interview with the expert

Rupert Mack

What does Corona have to do with air-conditioning technology?
Covid-19 is a viral infection that spreads mainly via droplet infection. There is a risk that viruses are carried on particles through the air and the disease spreads. Therefore, optimal thermodynamic air treatment (cooling) is particularly important wherever many or sick people come together and the risk of spreading is correspondingly high. First of all, of course, these are hospitals and doctors' surgeries, but also all public buildings, sales and event rooms as well as office and industrial buildings.

Can air-conditioning technology protect against infection?
Yes, it can, by filtering and killing viruses, germs and bacteria from the air. This limits or prevents their spread. To achieve this, the Vindur® Top secondary air cooling unit works with a four-stage safety concept. This includes an H14 HEPA filter, which filters particles out of the air, and UV lamps, which kill viruses, germs and bacteria in the HEPA filter. Inner sheets coated with silver ions contribute to the containment of microorganisms. After Vindur® Top has been switched off, a newly developed thermal disinfection system ensures that the risk factor of condensate as a breeding ground for viruses, germs and bacteria is reliably eliminated.

How does thermal disinfection work?
Condensate can form in recirculating air cooling units as a result of cooling, from which a biofilm develops and thus an excellent breeding ground for bacteria, viruses and moulds. Thermal disinfection heats all relevant components of the cooling system sequentially over 10 minutes to approx. 70 °C, thus drying out the biofilm and reliably killing microorganisms and viruses thermally. The result: a hygienic room climate and thus excellent protection against infections.

Our contribution to hygienic cooling

Vindur® Top ensures a hygienic room climate

The innovative recirculating air cooling system was specially developed for use in hospitals, patient and examination rooms, as well as in public and industrial buildings. It is used as an additional or retrofit solution when the existing, primary building air conditioning is no longer sufficient and additional cooling is required. Thanks to the four-stage safety concept, it meets the strict hygiene guidelines for cooling in rooms occupied by people.
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Vindur® Top secondary air cooling units in the video

See in the video how exactly Vindur® Top secondary air cooling units with thermal disinfection work and reliably protect against viruses, bacteria and mould in the air without chemical disinfectants.

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Hygiene Four-stage safety concept protects

The highly effective H14 HEPA filters reliably filter 99.9997 % of all airborne micro-organisms, bacteria and viruses from the air. UV lamps reliably kill viruses, germs and bacteria that have deposited on the HEPA filter. The inner panels of the cooling unit are coated with silver ions, which prevent the spread of viruses, bacteria, germs and mould. After the unit is switched off, the heat exchanger and condensate tray are automatically heated up to approx. 70 °C for 10 minutes. This dries out the biofilm that can form due to cooling and safely kills microorganisms and viruses thermally.

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